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South System

The South System is the largest NSJWCD Surface Water distribution system.  It includes a pump station on the south bank of the Mokelumne River, more than seven miles of pipeline that conveys water south to Pixley Slough, an east-side ditch that conveys water to Bear Creek, conveyance through both Pixley Slough and Bera Creek, and associated laterals.  The system was constructed in the 1960's and 1970's.  The district has been modernizing, improving and expanding the south system since 2017 with a new pump station, new pipeline segments, and SCADA for automation. 

The district uses the south system to convey surface water to landowners to use for irrigation, and to convey surface water for direct recharge projects.  The system is also used to convey the water for the DREAM Project with East Bay Municipal Utility District and San Joaquin County. 

Landowners desiring to use surface water from the South System have formed Improvement District #3 and agreed to pay an acreage assessment to cover part of the capital costs of the improvements to the system.  The following documents relate to the formation of Improvement District #3.  The district is encouraging additional landowners to join ID#3 to use surface water in-lieu of pumping groundwater.