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Groundwater Charge

The district imposes a  groundwater charge to fund projects and activities required to achieve groundwater sustainability and comply with the 2014 Groundwater Sustainability Act.  The charge is imposed on parcels greater than 5 acres that use groundwater for non-residential purposes.  The charge for the 2023-24 fiscal year is $15 per acre-foot of groundwater pumped. 

The April 2022 Engineer's Report link below provides more detail about the groundwater charge.

April 2022 Engineers reportResolution 2022-09- Adopting Charge.pdf

The district sets the charge for each parcel based on the estimated groundwater use for the parcel.  The district estimates the groundwater use for each parcel by referencing the County Tax Assessor's land-use code for the parcel.  For example, a 20 acre parcel with a land-use code of "Irrigated Vineyard" will have a estimated groundwater use of 20 acres x 2 acre-feet/acre = 40 acre-feet.   The district will adjust the charge if Landowners provide more accurate information about the amount of groundwater pumped.   Landowners who wish to provide additional information to the district for purposes of computing the groundwater charge should complete a Landowner Appeal Form.   There is an Online Landowner Appeal Form link below.  If you would rather print and mail your form, there is a  Print and Mail Landowner Appeal Form PDF as well.  Please submit only one version of your form. 

Print and Mail  Landowner Appeal Form
Online Landowner Appeal Form 

North San Joaquin Water Conservation District GSA

Groundwater Charge - Landowner Appeal Form

This form should be used to provide the District with more accurate information regarding groundwater use for a parcel of property, for purposes of computing the District's groundwater charge.  All information provided is subject to verification by the District.  Landowners must complete a separate form for each Assessor Parcel Number (APN).

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3. Groundwater Use:
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